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Ethel Jane Van Gelical

This lady is one of my favorite people in the whole world.  Her name is Ethel Jane Van Gelical and she is the iconic "church lady".  She is a powerful woman who speaks her mind without hesitation (even though she should probably think before she speaks.)  She loves to sing and finds great joy in singing backups for folks ('do wops'). She also loves to play her ukulele and she loves to dance (because she wasn't always a church lady!)  She's sassy and opinionated and she's the alter ego of Dr. Thomas.


It's not easy for a mental health professional to integrate into a small community, but Ethel Jane has been a big help in letting folks know that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously; sometimes we need to lighten up.  Some people are quite disappointed when Dr. Thomas shows up because that means that Ethel has to 'stay home.'


And... funny thing... Dr. Thomas and her husband purchased a renovated Victorian era church in which they have their residence and practice. I guess she's a church lady, too!

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