I Go To Prepare a Place for You ...

The guest room-what a mess! The door has been kept closed on the dusty, junky mess for awhile now. But it's Christmas time, and I am aware that soon the family will be gathering. Not only is my son returning for a long-awaited visit, but he will be bringing along someone who is very special to him.

It's amazing how pleasurable the task of preparation became. I wanted them to feel welcomed and special, arriving to find a place especially prepared for each of them. For her, a fragrant candle, a nice flower arrangement, a comfortable bed-and plenty of closet space, of course! For him, privacy and a retreat from the chaos, where he can go to think, read, and recharge his emotional batteries.

There will be special food made from old family recipes, and friends and family will be stopping by to have a bite with us and catch up with my world traveler. There will be lots of old family stories shared, that's for sure.

It made me think how much I'm loved by my Father-enough that there is promise of a special place prepared just for me by the One who knows me intimately, and I, too, will be welcomed by family and friends. Just as my own children and grandchildren know well-that wherever I may be, they are always welcomed and a place will be prepared for them, so it is with our heavenly Father. Read John 14:1-4 with that in mind, and may these words of warmth, comfort and joy bless you all.