Welcome! You will find that my practice offers what one would usually expect of a clinical psychologist– counseling and psychological testing. However, I have done extensive training beyond my degree in order to keep up with the exciting developments in science of neurobiology. Therefore, I have added both Play Therapy and EEG Neurofeedback Training to my practice. Both modalities access the brain and promote healing in a way that requires much less "talk therapy" than in the past, and both are quite effective. I hope you'll take the time to see for yourself why I am so excited to be on the cutting edge.


Counseling: Individual, Marriage and Family Therapy

Play Therapy: Various modalities are available in my play therapy room, such as sand trays, paints, crafts, and toys that foster creativity and help clients work through their emotions. Sometimes children (and even adults) have trouble expressing themselves in traditional 'talk therapy'; children especially are very good at working through their emotions through play.
What is Play Therapy?

EEG Neurofeedback: We often combine talk therapy or play therapy with Neurofeedback training: Neurofeedback is a way to help your brain and nervous system function more effectively. What is Neurofeedback?

Auriculotherapy:  What is Auriculotherapy?

Psychological Testing: Sometimes the use of personality tests, IQ tests, etc. can be helpful in better understanding one's problems. The results then help us develop an effective treatment plan for our clients.

IonCleanse® Foot Bath: Clears out toxicity in the body which enhances the results of other therapies and treatments.

Licensed Psychologist, IA #001135
Licensed Health Service Provider, IA #000600
Registered Play Therapist Supervisor